Ruth Adjei-Mensah



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Phone : +233 54 907 7055

Ruth Adjei-Mensah is the current administrator of Clubhouse Ghana. Clubhouse Ghana, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), seeks to establish a community-oriented rehabilitation center to help revamp and re-integrate mental healthcare delivery into the fabrics of society. It is center that provides former patients (members) with skills in carpentry, hair do, just to mention a few.

This will enable the members to be self sufficient when they recover from a mental condition in any local psychiatric hospital. As administrator of Clubhouse Ghana, Ruth’s goal is to drive policy change aligned to changing member’s confidence level to Clubhouse Ghana’s standards. Her responsibilities in this role encompass rallying members, staff and stakeholders to achieve the goals and aspirations of the Clubhouse, providing office support to members, staff and board members for the smooth running of the facility to the standard of Clubhouse International.

Ruth brings to his portfolio a well-established background in administration. Before taking on Clubhouse Ghana this year, she managed Guiness Brewery Ghana kitchen staff for over two years where she was leading the cooking staff to produce quality service to the working force. Her experience in this domain lead to be an office assistance to the general manager of Tils Number 1 Hotel where she acted as manager when the later is absent. She also managed Fankeve Vocational Institute in 2007, she responsible for the day to day running of the institute, meeting with parents and guardians and invoicing and payment of staff salary.
Ruth’s hobbies include reading ,writing stories and attending to the needs of people.