About Monalisa


My Background

ML as affectionately called, hosted her own Talk Show namely The ML4Lyfe Talk Show (sponsored by Dangote Industries and Mercedes-Benz's ML Series) on Radio; and on Facebook LIVE for ONLY One Season before being picked up by the Las Vegas Bureau of Public Speakers to work on a Motivational Speaker Movie by its President, Robin Jay.

Hence, in May, 2018 Mona Lisa joined a panel of experts to star in a breakthrough movie, entitled "Becoming the Keys" that has been nominated for several awards. The movie stars Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Juliette Miles, Jim Phillips, Kathryn Brinkley, Kelly Lee Bennett, Shannon Knight, Cammie Kautz Ritchie Robert Clancy Doug Smith Jodi Friedman Steve Roger Phillips Barbara Wall Steingas Cheryl Renee Truesdale in the entire Trilogy amongst other noteworthy Public Speakers. Trailer: <ref>https://vimeo.com/305791326/</ref>

Mona Lisa Brookshire is also a Branding Strategist that has worked with 5 Fortune 500 companies namely Bank of America, AT&T, UPS, GE and Delphi Corporation. She is well sought after in the field of Brand Marketing and Strategy for her unique style of work and global influence. Her achievements and accolades were detailed in a full-page feature in Ebony Magazine in August, 2008 where she was featured on page 108 when President Obama was also on the cover of that edition