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Master P endorses Clubhouse Ghana

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US-based NGO to set up first-ever mental health rehab centre in Accra

Clubhouse Ghana, a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), has disclosed its plans to establish a community-oriented rehabilitation center to help revamp and re-integrate mental healthcare delivery into the fabric of society.

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Ml4lyfe talk show

"The Sea never Dries"

On this self-produced TV Show, ML expounds on the experiences of Africans achieving Greatness.

Other celebrity individuals around the world are also featured using the thematic pillars below.

ML's Thematic Pillars: You must Love God First, Your 'SELF' Second; and Others Third or Others LAST... because the biggest requirement in Lyfe that deals with other people in your family or network; requires you to "LOVE your Neighbor as yourSELF".

So ML's Self-Coined acronym for S.E.L.F. STANDS FOR
S for Success 1st week
E for Education 2nd wk
L for Love 3rd week
F for F inance 4th week [of every month.]

The 4 Weeks of Each Month follow the Format above with the S Segment beginning as the First Week's Show ... and the Education, Love and Finance Segments continuing in the Second Third and Fourth Weeks etc.

ML talks Tech and Digitisation on the TV3 Morning Show

ML discusses global technology trends and ways of taking advantage of the new Era and revolution.

ML Discusses her journey and Life story on the BMP MicroSeries Interview

Introducing the new face of GT University

On “This Morning” with Kokui Selormey and Patrice Amegashie on the Viasat1 TV Station, ML discusses the new face of GT University in Ghana.

ML featured in Essence Magazine

ML featured in Ebony Magazine

ML Interviewed at TV Africa

Mon. 25th March, 2019 ML as a Guest Interviewee on TV Africa with Host, Patrice Amegashie Enjoy the Interview!

ML playing the piano

Kenny G endorses ML